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Why are septic system inspections needed?

To keep your home in optimal condition, management of the septic system is an essential part of the overall plan. Part of the management is to get the septic tank periodically inspected and drained. The most significant factors include, but are not limited to, the septic tank capacity, household activities, and use of water. To assess the state of the tank and its components, and whether or not the tank should be pumped, frequent inspections should be carried out because these variables are unpredictable and special to each case. Inspections are a required part of a septic tank's service and maintenance.

When should the septic tank inspection be done?

Checking the septic system once a year is necessary. It’s also advisable to have a septic tank inspection before your house is placed on the market for sale. This would increase the value of the home and eliminate any liability concerns that could arise from a malfunctioning system. It is in the interest of a prospective buyer to recommend that the septic system be checked before they buy the house if it has not been done lately.

For any tank, whether it is concrete, plastic, or fiberglass, the most important issue is that it must be water-tight. Water resistance is important for two reasons, wastewater must be kept in the tank so that the groundwater is not polluted, and groundwater must be kept out of the tank so that the tank is not overfilled. The only way to ensure that a tank is water-tight is to get it filled and check the interior of the tank visually.

Why choose us?

We have trained and skilled team members that will conduct the inspection. It’s easiest to schedule an inspection by contacting our team to book a time that is convenient for you. Our team will be able to complete the inspection with limited interruption to you.

We check all the components of the tank, that can be in different sizes, shapes or material. All septic tanks have different components, and we inspect all the components of the tanks.

The septic tank inspection should be done at least every three to five years on newer systems and annually for older ones. Manny people make the mistake of only ordering a septic tank inspection after a major problem has already occurred. Inspectors will also advise you to fix or replace your septic system at that point, which can cost thousands of dollars.

With the assistance of modern technology, our team will inspect and search for any problems with the septic tank system. It helps us to access your septic tank system fully and to get an accurate reading of its status. It is the most effective and economical way of testing your home or commercial system for clogs, leakages, or other types of damage. Contact our Spartanburg, SC support team if you detect any leak or odd problem in the system, and we can figure out the root problem before it turns into a significant and expensive problem. We will list the most cost-effective and time-saving options for you.

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